Client Testimonials

I am truly grateful to Shraddha for coaching me through one of my toughest state of mind.She introduced me to the power of self talk and thought process and also introduced me to Magic of Gratitude which has helped me a great deal in restoring my self confidence. She has highly motivated me to be the best version of myself and helped me rediscover the power that lies within me, making it all look very easy and non taxing. After coaching with Shraddha for only 6 weeks, I find self- expression so simple and I am totally loving the new version of myself, full of optimism and positive energy. I highly recommend Shraddha to anyone who wants to know the secret of living powerfully with complete ease and calm, without any major changes to one’s character.
Muktha Prabhu
Architect, London, UK
“It had been awesome experience exploring myself and a deep , impartial introspection when I just spent my time in unknown rush and stress and cooking up my own stories about the world. It had been great support by Shraddha in reinventing myself through various discussions which had let myself know and understand my strengths , weaknesses, perception better. The sessions have helped me to move from my old way of running the life and enter into a life for a reason with enthusiasm. Thank you so much Shraddha and I truly enjoyed your help and admire your passion for growth, by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made.”
Sharad Pandey
IT Professional, Melbourne, Australia
I was struggling with procrastination since quite some time. While it had not cost me anything till then but I could sense that if I kept ignoring, it would cost me heavily someday. I called up Shraddha as I was seeking right consultation. Shraddha was generous enough to shell out adequate time to speak to me. Despite of realising my shortcoming, I was still perplexed with how to go about it. Shraddha assisted me with identifying the root cause and work upon it through some handy exercises. I implemented her instructions and I can now see myself taking actions on the task that are in hand. The change is visible and am hopeful of overcoming this challenge in a short span of time. This already makes me feel good about my work and have a sense of calm inside. Shraddha …. keep inspiring!
Amit Mandpe
General Manager, Travel Industry, Mumbai, India
I remember when we first spoke, I was clear on where I want excel in my life but there was a blind spot which was stopping me to progress. Your coaching helped me to figure it out and overcome those hurdles. I can see that I am progressing towards my set goals. I was always good at time management and was organised, but determination was something missing. You helped me to overcome that barrier. Now I don’t look for reason why something can’t be done, but being unreasonable to do something which actually matters to me. I developed a Go Getter attitude with your coaching. Post few coaching sessions , I realise that I already had the potential to achieve things which i always wanted. Coaching helped me to figure out the mechanism to do that. I am happy with momentum is generated during the coaching. Thanks a lot for the support given during coaching sessions.
Sanjay Maheshwari
IT Professional, Pune, India
When I first approached Shraddha, it was largely because I knew her personally and I thought she would understand my situation better.I was not able to manage the personal and professional front from last couple of months and feeling overwhelmed and confused.I got to a stage where I didn’t know what mattered most. I felt like I was trying a lot but not improving anything by much in both the fronts.I felt like everything was not in my control, or, more precisely, everything wasn’t going as I would like. I took many things to the heart and felt like something was wrong with me. I kept asking-Why can’t things be smooth? why can’t this work out? Shraddha listened to me and asked me the very questions I was afraid to ask myself. She was unbiased in spite of knowing me personally and I truly praise her for that. She made me see things from different perspective. Suddenly my boss seemed like a human, and I realised how important communication is in a relationship. I confronted myself and identified my blind spots, the cycles of depression and self-blame as well as the patterns of thoughts I had acquired over the years. I realised that responsibility is a strong word but it also gives you the freedom to change your life(or rather, your ways/habits). I realised that life handles you different cards than you expect but it is ultimately in your hand to play the game. I identified the personality traits that were making me feel miserable, the most prominent of them being communication. I realised that it is always better to convey honestly what you feel, rather than covering it up and keeping it bottled in from your loved ones. After understanding what the reality actually was (vs how I perceived it to be), I decided to take control of my life. I vowed to have a better relationship with family and my mangers and communicate the truth. I had some heated discussions with family members but this time I kept my calm, focussing only on what “I” can do in that relationship. I analysed the patterns of thinking I had acquired over the years and decided to curate them. I not only acknowledged my shortcomings, I conveyed my limitations to everyone. It might have led to some disappointments but it has certainly improved the relation because I am being true to myself/I am being authentic. The perspective I gained spreads over all areas of my life. Now instead of thinking or taking stress , I am trying to think in different way to overcome the issue/problems in a positive way. Earlier I was making perceptions or stories about a person but now I have changed my thinking by applying the learning from Shraddha’s sessions, it really helped me to understand other’s mind and by doing that it opened up more opportunity and feel more positive. From last couple of weeks i have change my attitude now i am applying/suggesting the new things/process instead of complaining. I am regularly talking to my team that what we can change to keep us motivated and work in collaborative way. I don’t know what the future will hold . But I know that whatever comes along, I will deal with it. I still have stress and sometimes I lose my calm in pressing situations but as soon as I see that I have gone astray, I come back. It is a deliberate effort to stop the self-deprecating thoughts or blaming others but as soon as I realise I’ve entered the loop I pull myself out. I now see situations as neutral, I don’t judge a situation but rather adjust my actions. This way of thinking would not be there without Shraddha’s help. It has been(and still is) a long journey of self-evaluation and courage and Shraddha has been an excellent guide. I am truly grateful to her.
IT professional, Pune, India

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