Employees define the organization. If the employees are proactive then the organization becomes proactive. It is the organization’s culture that either takes the company to the pinnacle or to mere sustenance. Employees create the culture and each one is contributing towards it. My work has always been to inspire employees from within so that they contribute to the workplace with a mindset of partnership and not as do as directed. The choices, ownership, and accountability drive the contribution rather than mere completion of work at hand.


  • I, Me & Myself: – 3-hour workshop which helps discover self. Self-introspection is a key aspect where knowing self, strengths, weakness, talents & capabilities is the pathway to success.
  • I am a brand: – 2-hour workshop for creating self-brand. This is different from organizational branding but some parts of it can be used as organizational branding. Creating self-brand is important for any business as people do not do business with organization per say, they do business with people.
  • The Power of Networking: – 1.5-hour workshop helping define the network of people into groups of huggers, connectors, role models etc in order to help establish stronger relationships and also how to get the maximum help from this network. How introverts can do networking.
  • It’s All About Me: – A 5.5-hour workshop which combines all the 3 aspects of self-introspection, branding and networking.
  • Developing your people: –  2-hour workshop whereas entrepreneurs and organizations how can you develop a layer or a closely knit team to have the same vision as yours, to be able to take up more so that you free up your time and energy for more growth of your business.


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