Shraddha is a Life Strategist, Leadership coach, best selling author and speaker. Her various coaching programs for working professionals, individuals, women and young people has helped many to accelerate growth in their lives. Shraddha has successfully coached and conducted workshops for hundreds of people to have better self-esteem, phenomenal organisational growth, wonderful relationships, choose a fulfilling career and most importantly finding peace within. Her clients are based in the UK, US, Australia and India.

Shraddha is the author of best selling book “Circle of Perspectives”, which helps to accept, enrich and redefine perspectives about various areas of your life.

Her journey in her words,

My journey of transformation began in 2012 when I had cancer. Like every ordinary person, I felt broke. Though I was strong outside but weak inside. I read books, quotes and lot of self- motivation material to help me come out of that phase. I discovered myself then. At one point I told myself “ yes I can deal with anything. This phase is temporary and this shall too pass”.

During my visit to London in April 2013, I wrote all I wanted to do in my life. It was just a wish list, a list of things, which I wanted to but didn’t knew how will it all happen. One of them was to spread my learning to others so that they do not reinvent the wheel. Aug 2013, I got an opportunity to attend a 2-day workshop. My journey started then. I created a pack of my learning’s from that workshop and helped my colleagues in organisation grow. That gave me a sense of fulfilment. This continued till 2015. During that course I started to dig more into human psychology part of it, which has always been one of my favourite topics to read.

Shraddha Subramanaian

Fast forward 2016, when my daughter was born, I felt happy, full of joy but like any other new mom felt overwhelmed sometimes. Though I had a good support system, I still found myself under pressure. Pressure to give the best upbringing and also get back to work and perform at the highest potential as I had always been. I went into the intense transformation during 2017, which has helped me be calm and peaceful with others and myself. Like every year where I did something new every year, I enrolled for coaching certification and passed in Oct 2017. During the course in coaching, I figured out that I have already been coaching so many people around me. I have all the strengths required to be a coach. I came to know that I love working with people more rather than machines and code.

That’s when I chose to take a leap of faith and contribute to the community with life coaching.

I am on a mission to contribute to the world where inner-self inspires every individual. A firm believer that “I am my own barrier “ gives me strength to help individuals overcome their barriers and grow manifolds.

I find happiness in helping people deal with their challenges and have so far coached hundreds of people to help them on various challenges of self esteem, organisational growth, relationships, choosing career and most importantly finding peace within. I am grateful that people share their lives with me with ease and have found my contribution valuable. I am happy to have got this opportunity to touch many lives.

I am an ICF CCA (International Coach Federation, Certified Coaches Alliance) certified Leadership and Transformation coach with more than 3000 hours of corporate training and coaching experience. So far, I have successfully coached people based in the UK, US, Australia, Netherlands, Qatar and India. Earlier, I worked in IT industry for 14+ years. My journey so far has been enriching and challenging. Being a people person have always enjoyed every aspect of human nature. The different capacities I have worked in has helped me to add value to not only to myself but to the lives of people around me as well. Having discovered myself in this journey has given me this motto – “Be able to help individuals break their barriers and step into a world where there is nothing which stops them and they are self-inspired”.


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