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I am INDIA’s first INTUITION EXPERT, ICF ( International Coach Federation) certified Executive & Leadership Coach, NLP Master Practitioner & Author . I have 17+ years of leadership, more than 3000 hours of coaching experience and have impacted the lives of people from 10 countries (  US, UK, Dubai, Australia, Netherlands, Qatar,Myanmar, Canada, France & India ).

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Coaching for Professionals

My three steps proven system help professionals to have not only exponential growth in career and existing business but also explore new business and growth opportunities…  Explore

Coaching for Life

Coaching for life – My three steps proven system helps individuals take complete charge of life and live life with peace, fulfilment, and abundance.. Explore

Coaching for Women

Coaching for Women: As an entrepreneur, mother, wife, daughter and fulfilling very many other roles, life sometimes became overwhelming for me. I am keen to help more women with what I got from my journey of life. My coaching program “The Beautiful Me” helps women.. Explore

Corporate Training

Corporate Training 

My work has always been to inspire employees from within so that they contribute to the workplace with a mindset of partnership and not as do as directed. The choices, ownership, and accountability drive the contribution rather than mere completion of work at hand… Explore

Book - Circle of Perspectives

Life is to live fully and enjoy every moment. Our perspectives define our quality of life. The happiness we feel is a perspective and the challenges are also a perspective. Your growth depends on your perspectives and the good news is you can accept, enrich and redefine your perspectives.

We miss to see our life holistically and try to only fix the superficial challenges. The underlying challenge either remains hidden or we are afraid to come face to face with it.

It is ok to be the way we are but what troubles us more is that we are not at peace with who we are. We are always looking for things to be fixed in us or in others. If you are a person who has never or has seldom patted his/her back and if you always have certain perspective about yourself such as, “I am not good enough” or “I am guilty “, I am here to help you see the other side, the other perspective of your life.

We all are born leaders, capable of being free, powerful and happy. In the due course of our life with our own experiences we start living with many boundaries as to what is possible and what is not possible. My book is an attempt to help you break those boundaries or barriers, help you live your life with courage and confidence, living every moment irrespective of situations and circumstances by changing perspectives towards your life, giving the best, with all honest intentions.

Perspectives are like shadows. Shadows depend on intensity of light and our position in the light, and likewise perspectives depend on our beliefs and experiences. Sometimes we are stuck with our perspectives; assuming that it is the only view available or rather, the right view available of any incident or situation in life. But like shadows, perspectives can change depending on how open and receptive we are to upgrade our beliefs and relook at our experiences with a different point of view.

Perspectives are also the guiding light to live our life. Sometimes this guiding light might not cover the entire spectrum of our life and we miss to see or notice things, incidents and people with open heart and mind. With this book, my attempt is to help you to see the 360-degree perspective of your life. I hope that this book acts as a mirror to help you accept, enrich and redefine perspectives about your life.

The hero of my story is you and I urge you to take every chapter of this book to your life, discover what’s missing currently and take a pledge to transform it by your actions.

Are you ready to transform your life?

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When I first approached Shraddha, it was largely because I knew her personally and I thought she would understand my situation better.I was not able to manage the personal and professinal front from last couple of months and feeling overwhelmed and confused.I got to a stage where I didn’t know what mattered most. I felt like I was trying a lot but not improving anything by much in both the fronts.I felt like everything was not in my control, or, more precisely, everything wasn’t going as I would like.
IT professional, Pune, India
It had been awesome experience exploring myself and a deep , impartial introspection when I just spent my time in unknown rush and stress and cooking up my own stories about the world. It had been great support by Shraddha in reinventing myself through various discussions which had let myself know and understand my strengths , weaknesses, perception better. The sessions have helped me to move from my old way of running the life and enter into a life for a reason with enthusiam. Thank you so much Shraddha and I truly enjoyed your help and admire your passion for growth, by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Sharad Pandey
IT Professional, Melbourne, Australia

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