A for Accomplishments

During one of my coaching sessions,  the coachee mentioned it feels like I am not doing anything.And when I went one level beneath she figured out that she does so much in a day that many in this world are either not capable or simply not interested to do. It was a learning for me too. When we write our to do list for the day mostly it is done by working professionals and seldom by the people who are either homemakers or people who do not have a set time for work. Somewhere the to do list is much more associated with people having a set time for work.

Coming back to her, she was feeling low on her accomplishments as she didn’t saw anything she did as accomplishment.It all felt as a regular routine. It gave me 2 points

1. Even completing a set routine is an achievement in itself. What if one day you miss to add salt in food or miss to call someone important which is part of your routine. Some incompletion will creep in.

There is sheer lack of self acknowledgement where it is expected from outside world but you yourself do not want to appreciate your commitment towards your daily routine.

While working on this aspect, I suggested her to prepare a to do list of everything , all daily chores for eg. making breakfast, taking care of child , and extra ones which you plan for that particular day and stick somewhere you can see. At the end of each, strike the things you have done. Can do it at the end of the day or as soon as you finish that particular work.


At the end of the day it will give you a list of things you did in that day and you will be amazed to see how much you did it. It will eliminate the feeling of I haven’t done much today and replace it with I did so much. You will always look upto the next day to achieve more and start putting more on that list as your confidence builds up to handle more. Slowly, it will be a world where you say and you do it. You simply Accomplish it !! Pat your own back and get going 

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