Accept – Adapt – Act

Life is living every moment. Somewhere I feel there are 3 categories of people, one who never realise this fact and are into a unknown trap of life, two who know it or have experienced it and have learnt a lot from it .. This category tries to be on the path of nirvana (detachment from attachment and giving back good to the world around) and the third one is who realise it very early in age and follow the path of nirvana without fail.

I am always amazed by the fact when I look at lives of tapasvi’s who can survive on anything and are in third category. How can they follow the path so easily? It would be the most difficult thing to achieve. Too much to learn from.

If I reference back to category one, they are good and live the life of a ignorant person. Ignorance is bliss as its said. They keep on fighting challenges of everyday life as every other person and forget to live the very moment. They are ignorant of the fact that they are sent here with a purpose and they really do not know about it.

Now comes my favourite category, the number two. I believe they are GOD’s favourite category. HE handpicks those people and gives them challenges, support and make them realise HIS divine presence I can think of two reasons why HE does that, first to make the person pure from all the impurities around and second to have that faith alive in this changing world. To make the good changes happen, to help the category one in the path of enlightenment of category two and three.

Life is ever changing and it will change even if a person doesn’t want it to change. Time is passing by and no one absolutely no one can stop that happen. In this holy world created by DIVINE, its important to have faith and not get bogged down by simple hurdles .. Believe me, It’s completely HIS plan. The cause of everyone’s pain is he/she believes in his/her own plan more that ALMIGHY’s plan. It should be the other way round. Man has to start accepting HIS plan and then the whole world around will look better. Acceptance is the key. There is no way forward without acceptance. Taking into account and accepting the current life scenarios is important to overcome any challenge. As acceptance sets in, adapting the steps towards betterment, small steps of overcoming the situation. This is something like seeing the clear pictures as the eyes settle down after tears. The final leap is to act on the path chosen with full faith and determination. And the trick works.

So the simple rule is


The important point to remember here is – in this whole process , it’s the faith in HIM which leads us on the path of life. We are no one , absolutely no one to decide and execute our wish unless HE gives a go ahead. The LEAP of FAITH is important in life and it’s the one which works at every small step.So keep trusting and keep moving.

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