Diversions are welcome!!

Jan 2019 is already a past. Are you still working on your new year resolutions? How are you keeping up on them? With the same passion or with each new block you hit the zeal is getting low? This happens with all of us and we start to lose focus and many a times we change the goal as well.

Imagine you are on a road trip from point A to B. Your destination and route both are fixed. On the way you hit road closed board and are asked to take a diversion. As you know where you want to go, you simply take the diversion on the road and reach your destination. I believe most of us do that.

Then what happens to our goals when we hit a diversion board. There is no sign board per say and also there is no arrow as well sometimes which shows follow this route to reach the goal. Sometimes we do not even think that these are diversions. Most of us have this perfect idea of our path to our goal. When we hit a road closed board on the path we follow, in terms of situations or other demands from us, we tend to change our goal or simply leave the goal.

One of my clients is super hardworking and perfectionist and she had this complaint from herself that I do things for a week and then give up if there is a gap of even 1 day in what I planned for. There are many of us who are hardwired like this, who beat themselves up instantly on any gap in following the plan. I helped her to see, hear and feel these diversions as opportunities for her to take a moment of pause, review progress, rethink the path and then move on with this diversion towards the goal.

This is what life is all about it. Isn’t it? Every day we have new challenges and when we overcome them by taking diversions we are upgraded to new ones. That is the beauty of this human life.

Welcome diversions, it will help you to live more, be more creative to find new ways to reach your goal, but most importantly have clarity of what you want to be, where you want to go. Else the road blocks will make you stuck, make you feel helpless, make you feel victim of situations and when you reach the end of your life, looking back will always be full of regrets.

So what are you waiting for. Get back to your resolutions and get going.

Give Up only when your Life Gives Up!!  Till then you still have a gift called “Future” which is waiting to unfold beautiful things. Are you ready to embrace it?

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