Life @36

This year 28th Feb when I turned 36, the first thing it stuck me on that day was ” If my life is of 70 years, I have crossed the midline, in short, if I imagine I have just stepped down from the topmost point of my life in terms of age and now age 36 is the descend on that path.

There was a rush of thoughts inside as to what is accomplished , done and dusted but most importantly what’s yet to be done, to be accomplished , what is my contribution, what is the legacy I am going to leave behind and how.

Many people in this world come and go as if they just were meant to do that. I feel I am previledged to have got the real purpose of life which is to leave the world in better shape than what I received as.

Isn’t that the basic thing we all want? We might be moving towards this and still unaware, that’s what is the overall condition of the world is. Knowingly or unknowingly we all are contributing towards this but never take a pause to think about it.

At this moment take a pause and think on which step of life you are in terms of age and what is and isn’t accomplished yet. The ones done are treasures to be happy about and the ones yet to be accomplished are the zeal to look forward to for the years to come. So keep up and keep moving.

Wishing you a long , purposeful and powerful life.

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