When should you seek help from a leadership coach?

Coaching is a partnership. Leadership Coaching is a collaborative relationship or rather a partnership between a leader and the coach, in which both parties work together to reach an agreed-upon goal. The leader could be an executive, manager, supervisor, team leader or business owner. It could involve working with individuals or teams as well in executive or management positions. The aim of the partnership is to attain a sustained behavioural change and transform the quality of the leader’s working and personal life.

There can be many reasons for a leader to consider hiring a leadership coach. New, inexperienced, or high-potential leaders, anyone may consider hiring a leadership coach not only to learn much-needed leadership skills but gain the confidence to face the challenging new role. Existing and experienced leaders may like to hire a leadership coach to overcome a stagnated phase or solve a specific challenge. Leadership coaching programs can be on-to one or group service for leaders or a group of executives designed to build an effective healthier organisation. Perhaps, by improving the leader’s performance, the performance of the organisation is improved indeed.

A leadership coach not only helps to increase and improvise the skill sets and confidence of a leader but the coach like a companion helps the leader in overcoming and solving the challenges and reach out to the goals personal to the leader. Leadership coaching is cent percent personalised and specific to each leader, helping them to progress from their current leadership level to the leader they want to become.

A leadership coach is essential in every step of the leadership role. They’re a counsellor, a motivator, a partner, a devil’s advocate, a guide and a philosopher. Coaching is beneficial an much needed when :
● You are promoted to a new leadership role, at first you seem to be an inexperienced leader. With the help of a leadership coach, you’re partnering with a co-pilot who ensures that your skills and techniques are used to the fullest of your ability to lead and propel your career by providing frameworks for effective work-life balance.
● You are already an experienced leader but your role and responsibilities might have got you stagnated, and is struggling to achieve better results, or dissatisfied in your position, a leadership coach can help you to overcome such situation. Your leadership coach can help you boost your confidence and influence to work through an existing challenge or prepare for larger roles.
● The study says that it takes nearly one year for someone in a new role to be more productive. With a leadership coach as your companion and a guide, you can hit the target and accelerate your success as a leader much quickly.
● You can be a successful leader when you have a successful and powerful team. When your team is underperforming and is unlikely to motivate and get the best out of them, a leadership coach can help. Their expertise in improving team performance can help you maximize the talents, engagement, and productivity of your existing team.

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